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NFLG YCRP40 Wet Concrete Recycling Plant Equipment

NFLG YCRP40 mobile zero-emission Wet concrete recycling plant is the best solution to recycle remaining in concrete mixing station and the remaining concrete from concrete trucks and mixer after washed. It can separate sand, soil and grave permanently and utilize the waste water to produce, realizing zero-emission of waste water and waste material. It is a common problem in traditional commercial concrete business that grout is flowing everywhere and waste concrete accumulate.

According to statistics, when producing 1 million m3 concrete, the waste amount is equal to 2500m3 concrete and the water wasted made by cleaning equipment reaches 50t. The waste water in the mixing station contains strong caustic materials such as cement hydration product and residual admixture and its PH value is over 13. It will do great damage to surrounding water and soil. It has been standard equipment for a commercial concrete business to have a recycling system. YCRP40 wet concrete recycling plant equipment developed by NFLG has 5 characteristics as follows. The customers will feel the high-efficiency and convenience of wet-mixing recovery, with energy-saving and environmental protection.

Safe and Convenient
Slope free design gets the mixer trucks washed without climbing and the loader material shoveling without going to the pit.

Arch-groove (product with pattern) has the height of 1.2m. The driver can put the discharge bucket onto the groove without getting off the vehicle.The groove is equipped with light and electric sensor, which can sense the position of the truck. The equipment automatically enters “Washing Process”. The reclaimer as well as sand and gravel vibration separator starts to work automatically.

Superior Separation Capacities
A big volume reclaimer with 5 national patterns with the separation capacity of 40m³/h is currently the most powerful reclaimer in china. The high speed hydro-cyclone separation system separates graves and water with a ratio of 95%.

The vibration separation pattern technology owned by NFLG is equipped with the principle of “cell division”, destroying and picking up the waste materials step by step. Hydro-cyclone separation pump is professional with paddle wheel, which can turn the silt into rapid flow. The sand is separated and conveyed to the reclaimer again.

Reasonable Equipment Layout
The draining system is in line with the field layout. All the wasted water and rain in the mixing station can be recycled.

The mixing plant that has stricter requirements for the water can extract the slurry to the separation equipment to go through the process of pressure filtration. The recycled water can be applied to the production of the mixing station, achieving the goal of environmental protection and energy-saving.

Overall Machine with Design Optimization, Efficiency and Durability
Human-machine convenience is taken into consideration on the new wet concrete recycling equipment. The lightening sectional cover is used on the reclaimer, they can be disassembled by a person. The position of the bearing is above the liquid surface and equipped with muti-layer seal technology without any leakage. The blade of the reclaimer is made up of standard wear resistance steel plates, which is high-efficient and durable. The blade is locked to the main axle by bolt, which is convenient to replace.

Highly-Intelligent Control
YCRP wet concrete recycling equipment is equipped with voiced light and electric pre-caution protection system and interface-control is standard. The operation condition of the equipment can be monitored in real-time.
The super-sonic slurry concentration monitoring system is only owned by NFLG, which can collect data on the sewage concentration in the mixer and upload it to the control system. The system will warn automatically when the concentration is over the standard to ensure the quality of the concrete. (Option)

Energy-Saving and Green
YCRP40 accurately controls the operation time of every unit, saving energy for you.
Hydro-cyclone separation Energy-saving technology—-mixer operating time is reduced by 40%.
Arch groove energy-saving technology—-notching slot operating time is reduced by 90%.
Sand and gravel separation energy-saving technology—- reclaimer operating time is reduced by 60%.
Intelligent energy-saving control system – all motors are controlled automatically by PLC and is equipped with the automatically timing stop function in case of the power loss due to the artificial wrong operation.

YCRP40MX container type wet concrete recycling equipment is feasible for users who need to move from site to site for constructions. The sewage treatment pond uses containerized design, with the advantages of convenient to transport and easy to move, able to avoiding a large amount of infrastructure cost due to foundation construction.

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