Toilet Partitions Philippines

Toilet Partitions in the Philippines are commonly used in restrooms of high foot traffic establishments facility such as government offices, shopping malls, buildings, and private offices.

Every public facility must have a restroom. This restroom can accommodate 5 up to 10 people so they can use the restroom at the same time. Somehow, when you want to build a public restroom, you need to use a special toilet partition. Toilet partition will separate the room from one another. Speaking of toilet partition, there are actually some types of toilet partitions that you can use for toilet remodeling.

July 19, 2024

Types of Toilet Partitions

Stainless Steel Toilet Partition

The first option if you are looking for toilet partition is made from stainless steel. Stainless steel toilet partition really looks luxurious and elegant. It is totally made from stainless steel and it cannot get rusty easily. It is a really good choice for a hotel toilet, mall toilet, and an office toilet. In addition, the toilet partition is also very sturdy and strong, so nobody can break it down. But, it is not easy to install this stainless steel toilet because it is quite heavy. You also need a professional specialist to apply this toilet partition to your restroom.

Metal Toilet Partition

If you want to choose the most popular toilet partition, then you may choose the metal toilet partition. Usually, some public facility uses powder-coated steel material in order to give color to the surface. The manufacturer will powder the steel with selected color and then it is heated in an oven so the color powder will be glued on the surface. So, you can choose your favorite color to redesign your toilet or restroom. When you choose this type of toilet partition, you will also get one-year product warranty.

Solid Plastic Toilet Partition

If you want to install a resistant and durable toilet partition, then we would recommend you to choose solid plastic partition. Anyway, this solid plastic partition is made from a thick material. Since it is very sturdy, strong, and solid, then you are no need to worry about the damage. So, this plastic partition is the best choice for some public facility toilets. When you choose this type of partition for your toilet, you will also get 15 years product warranty. It means that this partition will not get damaged for years.

Plastic Laminate Toilet Partition

The plastic laminate toilet partition becomes the most affordable one and it is really suitable for public facility restroom. It uses a thin sheet of laminate which you can install to the metal sheet. This plastic laminate toilet partition is also quite popular among the people because you can choose your favorite customizable accents. But, if you choose this partition, you should not put it near the shower because it cannot get wet. So, this plastic laminate toilet partition maybe not a good choice for swimming pool toilet or water park toilet.

Finally, those are some types of toilet partitions that you can choose just in case you want to build such a public facility restroom. If you want to choose the sturdy one, then you may choose the stainless steel partition. But, if you prefer the color options, then we would like to recommend you to choose the metal toilet, plastic laminate, and solid plastic partition.  

How to Install Toilet Partitions

Prepare the Tools Required

Of course, before you start to install a new toilet partition, you need to prepare the tools. There are a few tools that you need to have such as a hammer, hammer drill, hacksaw, chalk line, tape measure, 4 ft level, screwdriver bits, drill bits, and shim block. These are the basic tools that are commonly used by some specialists. Perhaps, you can prepare additional tools according to your wishes. Moreover, you may need some help because installing the partition can be complicated if you do it alone.

Installing the Toilet Partitions

if you want to install a new toilet partition, then you are required to clean the room and make sure that it is free from debris. Then, you also need to choose the type of toilet partition whether you prefer plastic, metal, or stainless steel. The installation of toilet partition starts from the wall and the floor brackets. Simply, you attach the brackets on the wall and the floor. You can start to drill to make a hole so you can lock it.

Next, you need to position the panel. You can just simply put the panel above the support which is about 30 cm above the floor. After that, you can just set the panel on the bracket without fastening it first. Once you position the panel, then you have to prepare the pilaster and just install the pilasters according to your wishes. After that, you need to secure the panels and the pilasters. In this case, you need sheet metal screws with the U bracket to fasten and plumb the pilaster to the panel. You also have to prepare the door opening with the pilaster mounting. On the L bracket, you have to tighten the self-tapping screw. In the end, you now can install the door on the edge of the panel.

Well, installing toilet partition is actually very simple even if you do not have any instruction. When you buy a set of toilet partition, you will get the equipment needed. The most difficult thing to do is to create the holes. Moreover, you may also need some help, especially if you install a heavy stainless steel partition. If you want to install it by yourself, then you may choose the plastic partition.


Toilet Partition Accessories for Sale

Toilet partitions in the Philippines has a function to separate one toilet room from another toilet room. Usually, this toilet partition is used for public facilities toilets. Moreover, toilet partition also comes with various types. You can contact the seller to know the specification of the partition. Metal partition is the popular one which is usually used in hotels, malls, and hospitals campus toilets. Maybe, you intend to install a new toilet partition in a building. How to do it? Basically, installing toilet partition is quite easy as long as you have the tools. Somehow, if you have never tried it before, you may need some instructions on how to install it. Well, you can read these following tips on how to install toilet partitions.