As an engineer who is looking to work on a large hectare of land, the first thing that will be of great necessity to you is to get a compaction roller. Compaction roller is of two types, the first one is a Road roller and the second type is a Drum Roller. The extent and geographical landscape of the work you want to do will determine the kind of roller needed and necessary for your project. As you are at the point of a dilemma on the type of job you want to do, let’s help you make things simple and straight forward by explaining the usefulness of either of the rollers.

What is a roller?

Depending on how you want to understand it, some understand it to be road roller while some call it compaction rollers. The name may differ, but it’s still same vibratory compactor that helps to rearrange soil particles to decrease voids and increase soil density. The most common jobs that people use rollers for is construction works, mostly road construction.

Road rollers

Road rollers have different names; some people know it as steamroller while some as road roller. It’s a large compactor moved around to perform an excellent task. With the help of its circular wheels, road rollers easily crush and flatten items on the soil surface. Due to the large and powerful engine that the road roller has, it can spin its wheel at a high rate, keeping a lot of power behind it which is the main reason why it can roll over large or heavy objects. Road rollers are instrument specially built for road constructions; site workers use it to flatten roads to make them easy to pave. Road rollers also give you the chance to pack gathered soil into a small space.

This machine is not just expensive but very expensive, the only alternative to it is to rent it at any time you need it for your construction works. Otherwise, you will have to run some other expenses like transporting it from one job site to the other, provide a storage facility for it, maintenance and some other miscellaneous expenses which are not suitable for you as a kind and experienced investor.

Types of drum rollers

Drum rollers are of two different types; the first one is single drum roller that has its giant drum roller at the front while the double drum roller has one roller at the front of the driver and another one behind the driver.

Single drum roller

As its name implies, Single drum rollers are compactors that have their single roller located at the front of the driver with hefty special tires situated in front of the driver. These tires cannot do the same work as the roller, but they are studier, and based on the structures, they can prevent most flats. The single heavy-duty roller is in the middle of the machine called the cab; it is well positioned such that the driver can see places where the roller ought to work.

 Benefits of using a single roller

Single drum roller has a lot of advantages; the first advantage we can attribute to it is that it is portable, i.e., not as big as double roller making it an excellent choice for most users. Also, the rent cost and the buy off-price is not expensive.  The single roller is a superb tool mostly used for prep work and leveling off the ground for a sidewalk and all driveways motives. Single rollers are mostly heavy at the front; the reason is that the front roller is the most massive part in the whole of the machine which is the reason why it is easy to deliver great construction works. Its weight does not give a chance for it to miss out any part of the project in as much as it is within the scope of the roller. So many other importances are attached to it but are more visible to users than spectators.

Double drum roller

The only difference between the single roller compactor and double roller compactor is its two rollers; there is no tire in any part of it. The project that contractors have most of the time determines the kind of roller they need at a construction site. 

In the case of double rollers, it can smoothen objects in front and at the back of the driver at the same time. However, dual rollers do not have the same kind of traction as the single roller, and they can only operate on flat grounds or sites that require gradual grading.


Benefits of using double drum roller

The greatest of the advantage that a double roller has that do is undisputed, its power and efficiency is excellent. Steering to drums across an area on the go makes your work easy fast and efficient. Just as we know that the primary reason for this tool is for road constructions, that is why it is an easy tool used to smoothen an entire section of a highway quickly and accurately. Another great advantage of the double drum rollers is that it flattens the surface before paving. A double drum roller is a great machine used to prepare and improve surfaces. Your project is the reason that you will be able to know the one that will work correctly for you, but most contractors prefer to use the single roller machine to save cost and at the end get a perfect job.


Even as more people give high relevance to the single drum roller compactors, there are situations where you will still need to get the two (Single drum roller and double drum roller) most especially if you have a large project so that you can use them interchangeably. Also, remember that for you to get a perfect job, these two machines are of high relevance.