The process of selecting the right rubber flooring for your home or commercial purpose is overwhelming. More often, people end up with the wrong choice. This can be pretty expensive as you will be required to get another one which is being needed.

We often have lots of inquiries in our mind when getting a new one. Some of which are: – what type do I need? Where do I begin? How much should I spend? With all these inquiries in your head, the odds of getting the wrong kind as a result of confusion are high.

At times we found ourselves in a dilemma of whether to select on the basis of what our eyes admire or what is needed. Below are the guidelines that will guarantee you the best choice of rubber flooring to buy.

What type will I need?

There are three main categories you can choose from via the basis of design. They include- tiles, rolls, mats and interlocking tiles. It is important to be able to distinguish between the main types and the role each is best in, in order to have the best choice of selection. Below are the types with the detailed description of how each can apply for flooring.

Tiles– these are laid side by side with the width of at least 10mm. they serve as either thicker or medium mat. The process of laying the tiles requires professional assistance. This is because, unlike the interlocking tiles, this type requires careful placement. No gaps should be left between the tiles. Professionals ensure perfection in setting up of the tiles which create an organized look.

Imperfections or left gaps can be fatal during training. This is because it can cause one to stumble and land on equipment. Also, it can cause instability during training as the pressure on the foot is not uniformly spread.  Moreover, the gaps can harbor dirt and bacteria. Thus it is important to ensure perfections when laying these mats.

The thinnest tiles can be secured using glue to hold them well on the ground. They have a tendency to rise or swell due to lack of density that keeps them stable on the floor. While the thick mats are dense enough be to stable on the floor. Also, joining plates is an alternative for securing them well. In this case, you will need professionals to give it an even finish.

Rolls– compared to tiles, they are less expensive and economical. They are quick and simple to install. You will need a few laborers to get the job done within a few moments. Like the other two types of the mat, it is compost of different length and thickness. These make it diverse for different application.

They are most preferred due to the smooth finish they leave behind. This is mainly due to the fewer joints they have as a result of their length. With fewer joints, there is less likelihood of gap formation due to continuous use.

Their length also makes them ideal for use in large rooms or areas. They have a standard minimum of four feet in width, with the length being over 20 to 50 feet. Thus with a single roll, it is possible to cover the whole room. The larger size rolls require more manpower as they are very dense. They are popular in large industrial areas, work out halls, running tracts and event centers.

Mats- they are very versatile and can fit for many roles. They are simple and fast to install. There use is diverse and can be set on any kind of hard surface to provide cushioning. Thus it is essential when providing cushioning in areas which are squeezed or have limited spaces.

They are available in diverse sizes for multipurpose application. The minimum size is 3 × 6 inches dimensions up to 4 × 10 inches dimension and more. The least size is a few units larger than the common yoga mat. And the largest size is wide and long enough to allow free movement on top of it.

It is available in various thicknesses which range from a quarter to two inches. You can select based on the use. Thicker mats serve best in commercial uses such as industrial and gymnasium since they receive larger impact and more traffic. And the thinner ones are best for home application such as workout since the minimum impact is received with less traffic.

Interlocking tiles- most are compost of jigsaw type of locking system. This is because it is more firm and has a good finish. To secure the tiles firmly, the mat should be thick. Thinner tiles are loose and less secure, thus they require adhesive to offer extra hold.

Due to their sizes which are convenient, they are popular for both domestic and industrial application. Their design also makes them applicable for any purpose and space. Like the mats, they can fit perfectly in squeezed or small areas.

They have square dimensions with the sizes ranging from 12 × 12 to 36 × 36 inches. Also, they are simple to cut for a perfect fit on an enclosed floor. Some are comprised of edges which are detachable for a good fit in rooms with irregular shapes.

The benefit of using the interlocking type of tiles is they allow for easy replacement of the damaged part only. Also, cleaning is simple as you can clean a single at a time till you are through with the whole room.  


What are you planning to use the space for?

This is the main factor to consider after being aware of the various types of mat available. It is the main reason why you are willing to spend in order to get the mat. The use will dictate mostly the thickness of the mat. This is because various activities require a diverse amount of shock absorption.

For instance, residential uses require the least thick mat. This is attributed mainly due to low traffic and less impact being received by the mat. For commercial purposes such as gymnasium, field track, field course, and other sporting fields and courts, they require a medium and thick mat. This is because it involves the exertion of more force and requires good thickness for maximum shock absorption.

Also, the application determines the surface texture of the mat. The mat which is used in mini pitches and around the swimming pool is soft and fluffy at the surface. This increases friction and decreases slipperiness. While the mat used on tennis courts, basketball courts and Futsal games are soft and smooth on the surface. It, therefore, allows the ball to bounce and also absorbs the landing impact of the player.

What is your existing floor made of?

Before getting the mat, it is significant to carry out a survey on what your existing floor is made of. This generally includes the aspect of the top surface as well as how it was constructed. At the end of the survey, you should be able to determine which type of material your floor is made of.

Through the survey, you will be able to know whether the screed is being required on the floor or an underlying layer has to be put in place before the mat. Through this, you will be able to determine the mat thickness that will provide the proper cushion on the floor.

What budget have you set aside for it?

The mat can be quite costly in the market. But if you weight the cost against the benefit, it’s worth your last penny. On the market, there are budget options as well as premium options. But before relying on the cost as the determinant of your choice, it is rather important to weigh each option against quality. Through this, you will have the best choice with little or no disappointment.

The floor mat not only secures your equipment and people against direct impact with the hard and tough concrete floor but also protects the floor itself. The continuous banging of weights on the floor will disintegrate the floor surface leaving you with holes and cracks. Thus, repair and maintenance of the floor become more than what you would have spent on securing it from damage.

It is also being recommended that quality comes first before cost. Poor quality mats have a low cost but last for short time duration. Moreover, it is also poor absorbent of shock thus permits the destruction of your floor slightly. But with time, the effects are being felt. On the other hand, good quality is all in one. It serves you longer, fully protects your floor and has the best shock cushioning properties.

Therefore it’s rather beneficial to determine the type of floor mat you need, and then get the best qualities that ensure little or no maintenance fee. With the best quality, your budget will be well spent no matter the cost. But if you are squeezed financially and you need it urgently, standard quality with affordable cost can come in handy.


The life cycle of equipment you will be using

To cut down on maintenance fees, the mat you will get should have a longer lifetime than the equipment you’ll be using. Through this, you will prevent the inconvenience of replacing the mat before the equipment. It gives you time to fully exhaust the services of your equipment.

This means you have to select a mat with the best quality, resilient and durable. These traits guarantee the mat will last for a longer time. For instance, the gymnasium equipment has a lifetime of 3 to seven years depending on the brand and rate of use. Therefore the mat should have more years than that of the training equipment.

What color is best?

The mat is available in an array of color patterns and designs. Some of the colors resemble nature such as the natural green color of grass. Other color patterns have dimensional effects. This creates visual interest on the décor of a given area.

To cater for color needs, most of the brands have produced mat with different color shades. Through this, one can create different patterns and designs that are appealing to the eyes.

Despite the spoilt for choices of color available, some sports have a unique color type or pattern. These colors are global and not permitted to be altered when it’s for national or international use. For instance, the football mat, Futsal mat, and mini pitches floor mat have a standard green color which cannot be changed for any other.

But for personal ownership or use, e.g. in residential application or gymnasium, customized color patterns are allowed. This is because, apart from serving as shock absorbers, the mats are also being utilized for interior décor.

To make the mats even more thrilling to buy, some brands manufacture floor mats with panels of light. The light panel creates a vibrant look in a given space. It also offers new, advanced and innovative ways of working out.

When selecting based on color, it is important to highlight the following point:

  • The type of activity done in a given zone of application.
  • The color patterns that blend well with the décor.
  • The traffic in the given zone.
  • The rate of cleaning in the given zone.

An important point to note, there are brands which are out there to make profits with poor quality mats. They create dyed mats which look mesmerizing to the eyes. Ensure you are not overwhelmed with spoilt of choices only to end up with the types that fade after little use. It can be very disappointing considering you will not get a refund and also be required to get a new one.

Cornering, integration, and edging

This should be carefully assessed to ensure there are no loose joints, raised mats or trip hazards that could cause accidents. The floor mat should be able to merge well with the floor beneath it creating a uniform and smooth finish.

Thus the chosen mat should be able to merge well with the floor. It should have a uniform surface that is straight and does not deform after continuous use. Also, it should be versatile to the weather condition. This will secure the mat from having loose joints due to shrinking during winter or swelling during summer.


The rubber flooring is meant to provide extreme quality, versatility, resilience and exceptional options of cushioning your floor. Most of the brands are able to provide such mats with exclusive traits. Also, you have to be vigilant of poor quality mats which give below standard and disappointing services. This can be done successfully through following the above-detailed description, and also selecting your mat wisely.

Sports have moved to a whole new level. Unlike the traditional playing field which was either natural or concrete, now they are popularly using rubber flooring. This provides a cushion on the ground and reduces the impact of falling.

Sports and other training activities involve lots of movements, thus accidents, whether major or minor are bound to occur. To ensure the safety of the users, the best prolific flooring is being recommended. The floor should have the capacity to reduce the impact by absorbing shock.

The rubber flooring fits this description perfectly. It is a standard type of material recognized globally by sports facilities. It has the best properties which include durability, shock absorption, and versatility. These traits reduce the extremity of an accident and serve the users for a longer time.

Also, apart from safety, it performs optimally and provides comfort while standing or lying on it. Moreover, it has the capacity to withstand heavy traffic, and also being very stable at the same time. For the best gain out of training, it offers good traction to the users.

Sports which uses rubber flooring


Aerobics involves lots of vigorous movement to enhance the burning of fats in order to lose weight. This activity includes jumping and other related motions that exact lots of impact on the ground. This mat serves to reduce the impact and cushion the leg against the shock it receives when landing on the ground.


This includes activities such as running, throwing and jumping. Each has a different and unique manner in which it is played. Below is how each relates to the playing areas.

Running which is one of the athletic activities requires speed, balance, and traction. To provide these, most running tracks utilize this type of mat. This is because they are hard and soft on the leg to provide balance. Also, they are soft on the surface but with good grip, thus enabling speed and balance.

Throwing games includes discus throw, shot put, javelin, darts and hammer throw. The darts and javelin games require a soft and dense mat. This is because, for ranking, they are required to pierce through the mat and hold firm when thrown on target.

While games such as discus throw, hammer throw, and shot put, involves dense playing tools. When thrown, they are required to land on target and stay put for an accurate reading to be taken. Therefore, due to their weight, they require a dense and hard mat to withstand the impact and absorb shock.

Last but not least, jumping games. They include high jump, show jump, and long jump. They involve impact when landing on feet. For stability, shock absorption and good traction, a thicker mat serves best.

Weight training

It involves a gentle and sudden drop in weight on the floor. Depending on the density, it usually exacts a different amount of pressure that can break the regular floor. To secure the floor and you, the mat is utilized to absorb the shock.

Ice Rinks

In ice skating venues, this mat is being utilized to provide a surface where people can walk on safely. It is found in areas such as the resting bench and the periphery of the ice. Due to the pressure, it receives from the many skates with a sharp blade, a durable and best quality is required. This will ensure the mat resists being torn by the skates and will last you longer.


This particular type of exercise is meant to increase the strength and agility of the body. It involves muscles contractions and stretching in motions that are rapid and frequent. It often results in a hard impact on the ground. The activities involve, skipping, jumping, bounding, hopping and jump squats. This mat serves to ease the shock when landing.

Volley and basketball

Apart from utilizing the mat as a necessity for sports which needs it, it can also serve on games such as volley and basketball, where players land heavily on the floor. Thus it is prolific on general athletic activities. But in this case, choose one with medium density thickness that will allow the ball to bounce but also absorbs the landing impact of the player.

Fitness training

This involves the use of body weight for training and the actual gym weights. Most of the training centers use these mats to offer a safe training ground for their trainee. It offers cushion which the user can utilize on lying down when training.

Swimming pool

After swimming, the leg is usually soft and slippery on a smooth floor. The soft and porous mat applies to ensure the protection of the swimmers from slipping and falling. They are light in density and soft on the legs.

Futsal games

This particular game is being played on a small, hard and smooth surface. It is enclosed with lines that delimit it. To shield the players from falling impact, dense and smooth material is utilized.

Tennis court

There are little or no falling accidents that occur. Most of the injuries are ankle twist. To ensure proper stability and traction, a medium dense mat is being used. It ensures stability and also allows the ball to bounce.

Mini football pitches

This is a small version of the standard large football field. Instead of natural grass, this is covered by artificial flooring. Due to the small size, a fluffy and medium dense material is utilized. In this case, rather than being grey or black, it’s green in color to depict the actual grass field.

Why it is necessary to use rubber flooring

Reduces noises

It absorbs the sound production due to impact, therefore reduces the noise production. This makes it an ideal material in places with the traffic of activities. It reduces the collective sound being produced by different users, therefore, making the room conducive.

It applies in games that have the capacity to produce sound due to intense impact on the ground. These are gym, Futsal, fitness training, throw games, and jumping games. Due to its density and poor conductance of sound, it serves as the best sound absorbent in these games.

Floor damages prevention

Floor damage is attributed by the direct and intense impact of a dense object or person on the ground. It is usually intensified when all weight is exerted on a single region increasing the pressure. Therefore, it comes in handy by being robust and with the capacity to absorb the impact.

It serves best in the gym where intense training and traffic of users are available. Most of the time, weight trainers often drop the weight on the floor after lifting to avoid back injuries. In this case, it serves to resist and absorbs the intense impact and pressure that the weight will exert. Through that, it cushions the floor against damage by the weight.

Reduce the severity of injuries

With the different games which involve various kinds of body contortion, accidents sometimes are inevitable. Since it is impossible to prevent injuries even with wearing full bodyguard, reducing injury severity becomes the relevant option. This is done by cushioning the ground as it is among the major source of intense injuries.

This is where the mat comes in. It has the potential to absorb the impact as a result of falling down. Through that, it reduces the severity and even prevents the afflictions from the fall. Thus many facilities of games utilize it to secure the users.

Resilient, natural and absorbs shocks

Intense pressure causes damages by deforming the object it’s being applied on. In this case, the material is highly resilient and has a rapid recovery from the impact. It assumes the original shape after a short time of being crashed. Thus this makes it the best shock absorber in games activities.

Also, it has a natural occurrence making it eco-friendly to the environment. Moreover, this also makes it affordable to users. Thus it is being used in most games and training facilities. To ensure it serves best in shock absorption, choose wisely the density on the basis of use.

Resistivity of water

Water is a major agent of corrosion in many objects. It reduces the lifetime of the equipment or renders them worthless. With this material, it is highly resistant to water. This makes it easy to dry when water pours on it.

Apart from corroding, water can reduce the effectiveness of equipment or object. But being a poor absorbent of water, its performance is assuring even in the water presence. Moreover, this property makes it anti-slip and best for training on.


Durable materials have the ability to resist damage due to intense and continuous pressure. This material is compost of those qualities and so much more. Thus it is able to serve the user for a longer duration of time. Also, due to resistance to wear and tear, it maintains the actual appearance during its serving time.

The durability of the material goes beyond its qualities. As it last and serves you longer, it prevents cost that will incur through replacing worn-out flooring. Also, it guarantees you, the customer or user satisfaction due to its exceptional service quality.           

Prevents injuries

There are many forms of injuries, some are visible physically and others are internal. Physical injuries are as a result of abrasion or laceration when one falls on the ground. The main cause is friction. While there are internal injuries that result due to a muscle tear, dislocated joint of the body and even inflammation.

This material has the capacity to reduce and even prevent most of the injuries whether internal or external from accidents. It has a soft surface which reduces friction when one falls thus prevents bruises occurrence or their severity.

The thickness is dense enough depending on the type of training or activity it’s being used for. It, therefore, serves to prevent internal and external injuries by reducing the impact felt on the body as you fall.

Excellent traction

For best performance in most training activities or games, traction is a requirement. It ensures maximum input of force with balance. It prevents any slipperiness that may arise thus prevents injuries as a result of that.

It serves best in throw games, jumping games, running, football and much more. The mentioned games require users to have a good grip on the ground for maximum performance. Thus this material ensures the best traction for the users. However, in activities which require the users to make swift turns such as taekwondo, traction isn’t necessary.

Ease of use and maintenance

Despite being dense, its use and maintenance are simplest. When using, it’s just like the ordinary floor, except having the capacity to absorb shock. It is hard to ensure stability but soft to give you a cushion when you fall, drop training equipment.

The maintenance is very easy. This is attributed most by its resistance to water and various chemical resistances. These make it easier to wipe or clean the dirt off, and also remove any type of stain. Moreover, it discourages the growth of molds and bacteria which proliferate well in moist areas.

In addition, resistance to chemicals enables it to maintain the actual color. This is because only a few products have the capacity to discolor it on the surface. Detergents with pH which is neutral are being required, as they are harmless but effective in cleaning the mat.

As an important point to note, athletic floors are susceptible to various kinds of bacteria due to users’ traffic. It should, therefore, be cleaned often to ensure hygiene and safety of the users.


The material has a guarantee in its effectiveness. This is because the material is soft but dense to absorb the impact. It has a poor conductance of sound, thus serves as the best sound absorbent in training activities. Moreover, the material is a poor absorbent of water with great resistance to wear and tear. This enables it to resist damage from pressure and friction exerted by the impact. It, therefore, lasts longer in service provision.

Style Diversity

It has various design diversity ranging from color, density, and design. This makes it ideal for various sports activities. The color enables one to choose as per the theme of the sport or the taste of the user. On the football field, the green color is being utilized to portray grass. On running track, the color depends on the universal standards of the stadium while on gymnasium it relies on the taste of the owner.

The density- this relies on the type of sporting activity. For instance, on games which require the ball to bounce, medium density with a smooth surface is required. This allows the ball to bounce but also able to absorb the landing impact from the user. While in Olympics on the category of lifting weight, the densest material applies. This is because it can withstand the impact when the weight is dropped by the athlete.

The design- this dictates the use of the material. The designs include soft and fluffy, soft and smooth, smooth and hard. For instance, around swimming pools, the soft and fluffy design is used to prevent the swimmers from slipping due to wet feet. On Futsal games, smooth and hard material design is being utilized on the playing field. It offers stability as well as cushions the players.