Power Drills Versus Impact Drivers: What is the Difference?

When it comes to the process of improving your home, the power drill is most likely the better option for you, this doesn’t however mean that the Impact driver is not something that you should add to your collection of tools.

It should be noted that the two tools look very much alike, but the impact drivers are way more powerful than the power drills and this is why you need to spot the difference.


The sole essence of impact drivers

It should be noted that power drills and impact drivers almost have the same effect, but while the power drills rotate downwards, the impact drivers make sure of it that it gives the screw that you want to drive in, a hammer kind of effect that would not only drive in downwards, but also to the side. The impact drivers’ drive in screws into much harder surfaces and this doesn’t mean that they also destroy the screw because of their hammering effect.

If there is anything that differentiates the impact driver from the power drill it is the fact that while the impact driver drives in a screw into the hard surface, it makes the kind of noise that is rather dissenting.  The reason for the noise is because of its hammering effect which occurs more times than normal, and this depends largely on how hard you drive in the desired screw.

The power drill on the other hand can attain the same depth as the impact driver but this comes with a while lot of pressure which might not allow the same accuracy that the impact driver would have. When using the power drill, in other to gain the kind of accuracy that you desire, it would be best enough to make sure of it that you guide the screw in such a way that you are most certain of accuracy. This means that you have to exert extra caution.

Impact driver asides driving in screws are also very great for removing stubborn screws and bolts. The hammering effect makes it easier to remove those kind of screws that you find in unwanted regions.


The things that the impact driver cannot do

When people go ahead to get the impact driver, they are always of the view that the sky is always the limit to the things that the impact driver can do, but the truth is that as much as the impact driver can do a large number of things, there are also a handle of other things that the impact driver cannot do.

The first of them all is that because of the hammering effect of the impact drivers, it would not always be a better option when it comes to precise drilling. The power drill would be your better option if that is what you intend doing.  The reason for this is that the power drills have a kind of chuck that allows them to open and close for this kind of activities.

It should also be noted that the power drills have two major gears and the two of them have their different usages. The power drill’s first gear on the one hand has the effect of drilling in screws while the second gear has the effect of drilling into surfaces. The impact driver on the other hand has only one gear and this is the major reason why you need to be a little bit more precise if they are the better option that you might have chosen.

It should also be noted that the power drill has a clutch that allows you to drive in screws without having to screw them more extensively tightly. When you screw tightly with the power drill it might end up shattering the material in which you want to drill into. The down side is that impact drivers do not have the clutch that the power drill has and so when you want to make use of them, you might need to exert extra of your own strength.


What people do not know about the two drilling tools?

What a lot of people think about the two drilling tools is the fact that although both are awesome drilling tools, they also compete based on how relevant they are in their own areas of usage. The truth is that both tools are actually awesome for their purposes and they both complement each other.

The power drill is awesome for drilling, while the impact driver is awesome for driving. So while you drill into the space of a material, the impact driver helps you to drive in a screw or bolt and this is the more reason why they should be a must have collection that should be added to your list of equipment. It is notable to note that in many equipment stores, many people would rather prefer to sell the two as a combo rather than sell one to one person and sell the other to another.

The reason why this is so important is that when you have both in your box, you can easily decide to switch from one to the other. The power drill with its drill bit being used to drill into a whole with precision, while the impact driver is used to drive in screws into holes that have already being drilled by the power drill. You don’t necessarily have to go around searching for the other when you are done drilling.


Notable facts to note

While the power drill is an awesome tool, it is worthy of mention to note that it is awesome for surfaces that are not so hard, while the impact drive is awesome for harder surfaces and also driving in screws.

How to drill into concrete

In times past, it used to be a hard nut to crack when you say that you need to drill into your concrete, this is just the exact same dilemma that comes with drilling into tiles and other related ceramics. It is on record till date that the text of concrete in the home is always awesome as it gives the home a very special look

However, there are many reasons why people drill holes into the concrete walls, it could be because of the fact that one would like to input that awesome artwork into the wall, or because of a ton of other reasons that are best known to the home owner. The common fact with all concrete is simply that you might need to be extra careful so as not to make it a kind of nut that becomes crashes. It has been stated over the years that one of the problems that concrete has is the durability of the concrete, and when you drill a hole into it, it becomes too fragile and could possibly crash within a twinkle of an eye.


Facts to note about drill into concrete

The first major fact to note about drilling into concrete is the fact that the concrete which has stayed for quite a long while, when drilled into, could crash in seconds. It is not the typical kind of wall that you want to drill on anyhow, because within that long space of time it is already dense. As a matter of fact, if you out of necessity need to drill into an old wall, the best bet for you is to make sure of it that you drill with the use of the electric hammer drill. This is the apt choice for older concrete walls.

The electric hammer drill is so awesome in the sense that it could be used on rocks, stones and masonry objects. The drill is much faster than any other drill because of its speed with drills and cuts.


Things to look out for when buying a drill for concretes

When you want to buy a drill, you should first of all look out for one that has good power and also one that has more than one speed setting. Another thing that you might want to look out for in your drill is the stop setting and also the auxiliary setting which enables you to have a little bit of comfort when making use of your drill

Even more, you need to look out for your drill’s control and safety measures. In the market today, there are so many drills that can be used for so many DIY applications and we all know that DIY applications make things easier for you. You need to make do with these features because of your own comfort and convenience.

There are several models of drills that you might want to consider for drilling concretes but you need to understand the functionality of those drills. You need to know that although the Dewalt drill costs more than other drills for concretes, it performs more powerful functions than other drills the Skil and Black and Decker model of drills are also other efficient drills that you might want to consider too.


Steps to be taken when you want to drill into the concrete without making it crack

?              The first step that you need to make sure of is that you should mark the portion that you might want to drill into, after that, you need to make sure of the fact that you double check to make sure that it is the set position before you proceed. When you have started this process, the next step is to make sure of it that you consider the depth of your drill in other not to drill beyond the location that you want your work project to drill into. It is because of this functionality that people always love to purchase the kind of drills that have the stop bar, this bar helps you to stop at the depth in which you want to stop at easily. If this is not there, you might need to mark a masking tape around the region where you want to drill into.

?              The next step is to make sure that you have your goggles on, and make sure that while this is done, you pick up the type of carbide drill that would create the kind of hole that you want your drill to measure into. The next step after this is to make sure that you are in a kind of position that allows you to drill easily. This could be done by making sure that your feet is firm into the ground while your shoulders are wide apart. Many people always feel that they can drill with one hand, but this is bad practice. You must hold on to the drill with both hands as this would help you to build upon your own accuracy.

?              When you have begun the actual act of drilling, the next step that you might need to consider is to make sure of it that you start at a speed that is rather slow. This would make you to be in control of your drilling activities as the drill would not run at a farther speed that you might most likely not be able to control.

?              The next step after you must have started your guide drill is to make sure of it that you  control your drilling activities at a speed that is quite steady while you hold on to the drill kit with little force. Attaching much force to the drill might either make you drill beyond the point you want to drill into or make the concrete crack.


How to drill  into tiles without breaking it

For many years, many people have always thought that the tiles in which they spent a lot of money on might eventually break into many tiny bits if they are drilled, but this was until the recent measures which have been taken in other to ensure that tiles don’t break when they are drilled into. The only warning here is that it is a step by step process and you must try as much as possible to make sure that the type of tiles you bought and would like to drill into is the recommended type for that purpose, else, you might just end up wasting all of the tiles that you have bought with your hard earned money.


What you must know about drilling into tiles

When drilling into tiles, you need to make sure of it that you have the right drill bit set in place, basically there are two types of drill bits which must be used on tiles especially if you want to drill into them, and they include:

THE DIAMOND TIPPED DRILL BITS: these are regarded as the most suitable drill bit. They are mainly used on porcelain tiles and hard biscuit form of tiles. The truth us that they are the most expensive bits that you can ever get around, but you can be certain that they get the job done in time too.

THE CARBIDE TIPPED MASONRY DRILL BITS: they are mainly designed for the purpose of drilling into bricks and hard rocks. The truth here is that they can also be as effective as the diamond tipped drill bits, but they are nothing as perfect as the diamond tipped drill bit, especially when it comes to being perfect.


Major Facts to note

The major fact to note with tiles drilling is the fact that the hardest part of drilling is the start. The way that tiles are built is such that on the surface, they are harder so that they can withstand anything hard that trips over them, this is why breaking through this hard portion is always the hardest part of the entire process.


Steps to be taken when drilling into tiles

?              In all of the surface of the tiles, there are segments of the tiles that need to be drilled into. These kind of segments, you could easily mark as “X” and drill into them using the masking tape

?              When you use masking tapes, the fact is that when you drill into the desired portion and then it does shift from that portion to another, you can be sure that where it shifts to would only affect the masking tape and not affect the tiles.

?              You might need to check the depth that is required for the project and while you have been able to decipher this, the next option is to make sure of it that you mark the depth that would be required for the project. This depth would be marked with the masked tape.

?              When you also start drilling, ensure that you do not make use of the hammer drill setting at the start, if this is done, you might end up cracking up the tiles


Other things to note about drilling the tiles

The most important step here is to make sure that the tiles doesn’t break while you drill through. The common thing that you need to do here is to make sure that your tiles doesn’t break on the surface and this could easily be done with patience. When the speed that you used on the surface does break the tiles, what is left is to make sure that your accuracy makes you to get the depth of the drill that is required.

While you continue drilling, it is important to note that you need to have the extra caution so as not to drill through an electric cable or water which could be at the back of the tiles. This could affect the work done.

When you are also drilling through the tiles, it is also very important to make sure of it that when you have drilled for a long period of time, you pause at some certain points in other to fix the drill portion into water. The purpose of this is so that overheating can be avoided.

Also, when you are gradually heading towards the tail end of the drill, ensure to reduce the drill speed so that you do not end up drilling more than you bargained for. Of course at this point, it is already clear to you that you have been able to drill up to the point that didn’t make the tiles break in any way.

One other thing is that while it is said that the start is the most difficult aspect of drilling the tiles, the end of the drill process could be more affective. The reason for this is not farfetched from the fact when you are at the tail end of the drill and then you pull out the drill bit in such a way that it is hazardous to the work done, then there is no way that the tiles would not break at the end of the day. Hence, you might need to remove the bits from the wall gradually.

If you are able to remove the drill bit from the wall without breaking the tiles on it, it is certain that you are already done with what it is that you want to do and then you are all set for the project that the drilling was inspired for.


Other Facts to Note

In the process of drilling tiles, it is not all tiles that are recommended for drilling activities, you need to know that speed and consistency is also key when drilling through tiles, especially those that have already been plastered on the wall.