Pipe Cutter Philippines

Pipe cutter in the Philippines is used in plumbing works as they constantly require the cutting of pipes of various materials, such as copper, aluminum, soft steels, plastics, etc. Currently, one of the most used in this trade, is copper (used mostly in air conditioning installations). There are several types of tools for cutting harder materials. Although the tubes can be cut with a suitable saw, this tool can deform or leave a rough end at the base of the pipe, so it is most appropriate to use a pipe cutter.

There are different kinds of pipe cutters. For the simplest jobs and soft materials, a pipe scissors can be used, which has a shape similar to that of a common scissor, except that it is equipped with an adjustment system to press the pipe. Once the tube is held, it is rotated in such a way that the blade of the scissors cuts the surface little by little until a segment is separated. For a more efficient cut in terms of speed and precision, and for harder materials, a short pipe or pipe cutter should be used.

June 13, 2024

Pipe Cutters for Sale

5 Things You Should Look at Before Buying a Pipe Cutter

If you want to buy a pipe cutter in the Philippines, you should always consider some criteria. Below, we have compiled the most important checklist for you to help you with your purchase decision in the best possible way. We are sure that you will find a good product in the Pipe Cutter category if you consider the criteria and recommendations we have listed.

Types of Pipe Cutters

There are several types of pipe cutters, from the simplest of home use or for small jobs, to industrial cutting. This is an important criterion when choosing a pipe cutter. Some major types include:

Scissors Pipe Cutter

This pipe cutter is used to cut tubes of soft material, like PVC. It is a scissor in which one of its leaves is replaced by a surface that is able to rotate accurately on the tube. The other blade is the cutting blade, so that as the tool rotates on the pipe it produces a slit that eventually ends up separating a pipe segment.

Single-handed Pipe Cutter

It is a manual tool in the form of “G.” The opening of the G serves to fit the pipe there, which is then adjusted to that space. The pipe cutter consists of two rollers on which the pipe rotates and, on the opposite side, a blade that performs cutting during turning. The blade and rollers are moved by a crank that brings them as close as necessary.

Thread Cutter

It is a tool similar to the thread tap, which is used to cut the inner or outer threads of pipes. In this case, the cutter consists of a hollow disk with three cutting blades arranged symmetrically towards the center of the circle. These leaves are adjustable, so that they converge in the center leaving the appropriate space for the pipe to be cut by a circular movement. This type of tool can be attached as a complement to a lathe, in such a way that the cutting is done automatically.


Before determining what type of pipe cutter to acquire, you should keep in mind what you are going to cut and of course the size, whether you need to use it to cut large, medium or small pieces of pipes. The measurements of the pieces must be taken in centimeters since the cutting areas recommended for you to have a more efficient production are usually calibrated in centimeters.

Type of Material

Pipes are usually made of diverse materials, such as copper, aluminum, soft steels, plastics, etc. The material you are going to cut is also important, since there are different types of pipe cutters which have been made with these criteria. Since there is an infinity of pipe materials that can be cut, you must base yourself to choose the appropriate pipe cutter, with which, you can also measure the level of intensity, from small engravings to deeper cuts.

How is the Pipe Cutter Powered

Whenever you intend to buy a power pipe cutter, you must carefully evaluate how it is powered. Today, we can find diverse pipe cutters which can be driven through different ways. This includes electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and manual ways. Pipe cutters which are run by motors or batteries are known as electrical pipe cutters, and they are mostly used in cutting larger pipes during the construction process.

Hydraulic pipe cutters are usually powered through the pressure of fluids such as oil while. They are also used in cutting larger pipes during the construction process just like the electric pipe cutters. On the other hand, the pneumatic pipe cutters are operated through the pressure level of gases. Also, manual pipe cutters are powered through springs, screws, and knobs. This makes it quite inexpensive and suitable for personal usage.

Cutting Speed

Today, there seems to be a rapid increase in technology and marketing patterns. As a result, it has become important to conduct an intensive test on the products before moving them into the market for onward sale. To this end, all pipe cutters currently on sale have been adequately tested in order to determine their efficiency. The faster the pipe cutter slices through the pipe, the more preference it gets while on sale. The speed with which it cuts pipes also stands as an adequate reflection of the quality and strength of the blades.

How to Use a Pipe Cutter

Pipe cutters that are for sale in the Philippines come in many brands and types. Many companies, factories, and individuals usually work with different types of pipes that require cutting and assembly, but if you do not have the right equipment, it would be difficult to meet the production and quality requirements of your clients. These companies and individuals who desire to cut pipes for their products require an adequate pipe cutter so that they are perfect on the job, and the final result of their products is optimal.