Painting is a form of art, and mastering the whole techniques may take ages. But there are simple painting activities which everyone can engage with little acquired skills. But skills alone are not enough to attain quality work. You need a painting brush specific for the activities.

To ensure you don’t get stranded while painting, there are various types of brushes manufactured. Each of them has a specific impact they create when used. So, below you are provided with the various types of brushes you may need and how to apply them.


  1. Shape of bristles

Foam Brushes

They are not versatile in paint jobs, but they are very great when dealing with wall stains. They tents to absorb a great amount of stain and distribute it well when applied on the wall. Thus, despite their inefficiency when dealing with paint, they are the best stain handlers than any other paintbrush.

Their perfect outcome is guaranteed as long as there are no bubbles left behind in the stain or any other product you are dealing with.  Also, they are disposable since they are inexpensive. Thus, rather than wasting time cleaning it, you can always get a new one without wasting much money. They are great for small walls and very inefficient when dealing with large surfaces.

Trim Brushes

For speed, accuracy, and efficiency, “Trim Brushes” gives it all. The name is derived from the small sizes of their handle. They may be ineffective on large surface areas, but they don’t disappoint on squeezed surfaces. They are great when you need full control of both the paint and the brush. And this makes them great for application during wall decorations when handling its edges.

Apart from great painting, the small handles fit perfectly in your hands. This limits the movement of your wrist. In the process, you hands get less fatigue and do more job than when dealing with the ordinary large brush. Also, it enables easy maneuvering in limited spaces and can serve the same role as “Angled bristles”.

Flagged Bristle

Majority of the ordinary brushes are crafted with square bristles. They might be great for small paint projects but ineffective when dealing with a large surface area. Due to their shape, they have limited area coverage and tend to clamp together while painting. Therefore due to clamping lots of paint is held up in the brush bristles thus creating a paint job which is not that pleasing.

But with “Flagged bristles”, you are certain of a smooth, perfect and elegant outcome. The bristles fetch a god amount of paint, and during the application, they spread well releasing all the paint on the wall. This makes it great when dealing with large wall surface area and also in the creation of a vibrant look.

Round sash

It is featured with a painting surface which is smoothly blunt and also highly tapered. When dealing with a very large wall, they do come in handy. They do fetch a good amount of paint that you can spread within a large area at once. Also, due to its shape, you have full control of the brush at any angle that suits you best.

Apart from covering of large surface on your wall, the brush gives you full access to the manipulation of the paint during painting. This makes it perfect when applying specific paint designs on your wall. Also, they enable you to work along a boundary, edge or small trims at ease without messing up the paint job. Last but not least they great in wall decorations.


Popularly known as the “cutting brush”, this is because of its bristles which are cut into a slanting position during its manufacture. The angles make it easy to cut in around the whole surface of your wall. Moreover, it also enables you to pain on the surfaces with grooves with efficiency.

The efficiency is made possible since the angle gives your hands enough flexibility and steadiness. Therefore, enables you to make clean and perfect strokes during painting, creating a beautiful outcome.

Also, there are some walls which have grooves or angled designs that makes it tough to paint with the ordinary brush. But with the angled brush, even the tight or squeezed spaces are within your reach.

Stencil Brushes

When you are interested in detailed wall decorations, stencil brushes are what you need. They are available in various sizes but the same shape. You may decide to have the whole set for efficiency. They are great in paint and brush control. Therefore, before use, be certain what type of project do you need it for and the specific stencil that will serve best.

They are featured with bristles that are cylindrical, same length and densely packed together. These features allow the user to press the brush without its bristles lifting. Thus they create a great pant work with limited or no messes involved in the process.


  1. Material

Synthetic Brushes

If you need a perfect finish when dealing with water-based paint, the “synthetic brushes” are the best. They are characterized by high resistance to water absorption. In this case, they are the best than the natural filaments, hence the best choice to select.

Due to poor water absorption, they retain their shape during painting and spread well creating a smooth finish. Another benefit of synthetic filament is the fact they are inexpensive. You can always get one within your budget.

Funny enough, most people go after them due to their prices without understanding their beneficial part. But in the end, they still get to experience their best impact unknowingly. Therefore, it’s very important to understand where the natural or synthetic bristles are best applicable before using either of them.

Nylon/ Polyester blend

This particular type comes with two in one quality, stiffness and softness at the same time. The polyester property is to ensure the filaments are stiff and strong enough to retain their shape. The nylon property ensures the softness of the filaments despite being stiff as a result of polyester.

The two features enable the long hour’s application of the brush without it losing shape in the process. Due to stiffness and softness that they have, they are best when dealing with walls which are either rough or semi-rough.

Thanks to their properties, you need not worry about the filaments breakage or losing shape. Moreover, they are also best on surfaces which are smooth. Their main limitation is difficulties in cleaning, but despite that, they are the best kinds to have in your collection.

Bristles Natural

Compared to the synthetic brushes, they are damaged more during application. But one thing is for sure, they can guarantee is the best finish than the synthetic brushes. Natural bristles create an impressive smooth finish with no scratches or paint lines.

Thus, despite their prosperity of being synthetic, they still can’t outdo the elegant finish of natural bristles. They are great when dealing with paints which are oil-based. They spread easily and smoothly apply the paint on the surface. But when applying water paint, you will need to avoid them.

Despite some being manufactured with a coating which repels water, you will still need to avoid them. This is because they have a tendency of absorbing water which happens to make the bristles sticky and lose their shape. In the process, they become a major menace when painting.


If you are worried about water absorption when dealing with water paint, Polyester filaments are what you need. This is because of the incredible resistance of polyester to the absorption of water. This enables you to use it for long hours without it losing its shape.

In addition, you get to maintain the full control of the filaments when painting. Use of polyester solely when its 100% is limited to smooth surfaces, on rough areas, they will easily get worn out and damaged in the process.

Moreover, their stiffness also limits the creation of a smooth perfect finish. Thus, they are best for exterior wall surfaces which are semi-smooth or semi-rough. And lastly, they are difficult to clean after use, despite the type of paint that was used.


It falls amongst the most popular category of synthetic filaments. They are very durable but limited to smooth surfaces. Due to the lack of stiffness, they can’t be applied on rough surfaces. Despite its durability, continuous application on a surface which is very rough will result in damage.

Moreover, due to their flexibility, they offer you with less control over the paint during painting. That means, for the best results from painting, the nylon bristles should serve for indoor walls only.

Use of the brush in hot and humid areas will end up causing the bristles to lose its shape. This intern makes it even harder to control the paint during painting.  But its easier to clean and maintain.

Engineered Nylon

These are the ordinary synthetic nylon but modified to increase their stiffness. Through this, the versatility of the nylon increases. As compared to the ordinary filament, they are tougher and offer the user with full control over the painting.

Moreover, they are applicable in hot and humid areas without losing their shape. With this type, you are not limited to smooth surfaces only. They can be applied on surfaces which are rough and hard without damaging quickly as compared to the ordinary nylon bristles.

OX Hair

From the name, the filaments are derived from Ox ears. They are characterized by incredible softness. Also, during their application in painting, rather than spreading out, the bristles clamp to form a fine point. This makes them great in holding paint and also allows the user to have full control over the paint.

Thus they are best in wall decorations and any other painting activity that requires full control of the paint.  They give an outcome which is smooth and precise. They can be costly when compared to the cost of some other natural filaments.

Black China/ Hog hairs Bristles

It’s among the category of the natural filaments but formed from the hairs of the Hog. They are very versatile and applicable to all kind of paints. Thus, they are best when you are not sure which type of brush you need for your wall.

They are great on all types of solvents including stains, oil paint, alcohol, and any other solvent. Also, due to their multifunctional application, they are popularly applied by many people.  For outdoor application on surfaces which are courser or semi course, they are a great option.

This is because they are stiff and soft compared to other natural bristles. Hence, they can remain straight and in shape throughout their application.  But due to their stiff nature, they are not best when you need a smooth finish.

White china/ Hog hair Bristles

It’s also amongst the category of the natural filaments and formed from the hairs of the Hog. They are softer than Black china/Hog Hairs bristles and are more versatile. They are the best option when you are dealing with oil paints or any other solvent. They will ensure a smooth finish when you are through with your painting work.

They are applicable to both exterior and interior wall surfaces. Despite their flagging trait during painting, they are more delicate than the Black china/Hog hair filaments. Thus they offer a much more smooth surface finish during the painting work.


  1. Sizes


They are the smallest in this category and less ideal for broad surfaces. They fit well in the hands and give you more control during the paint. This makes them ideal for painting decorations on your wall, and also enables you to access the squeezed or hidden spaces easily. They also give you an option of various handle sizes you can choose from for comfort.

2 inches

Among this category, they are the most common and easy to get. Ensure the type that you select has mildly rigid and softer tips. Despite the rigid filaments being long-lasting, they do create a finish which is imperfect and not smooth. Thus smoother bristles should be your consideration when you need a perfect and smooth finish.

3 inches

As compared to the 2-inch brush, this covers more space. It’s relatively not fast as the 4-inch brush but a great selection in marking a broader dent and cutting in the area you need to do your paint job. When selecting the brush, ensure the filaments are firmly attached and with the right flexibility depending on the type of wall, you will be working on.

4 inches

These brushes are great when dealing with broad wall surfaces. They fetch enough paint and dispense it on the wall evenly to create a uniform pattern. Also, it allows you to have full control of the paint during the work. But as you make your choice, pick one whose handle fits comfortably in your hands. But don’t forget about the nature of the bristles and the impact they leave behind.


There are numerous categories of the Paint Brushes to pick from. All of them are best in one way or the other. The basic thing to do is ensure you select a type depending on the surface you will be working on, and the impact you need at the end of the project.