LED Light Bulbs

LED Light Bulbs are a light source that is being used by most of us in our daily routine, and there is hardly anyone who is not using the LED lights. If you are one of those people that have not much knowledge about the LED lights or bulbs specifically then you should gather some. The usage of LED cannot be ignored, it is known as light-emitting diode (LED) which is basically a semiconductor or a source of light which allows the light to emit through it whenever the current flows. In LED light system the electrons are present in the semiconductor, which further recombine with the electron holes that are responsible for releasing the energy in the form of photons. As far as the color of the light is concerned then you should know that it is dependent upon the energy that is required for electrons to cross the gap of the semiconductor’s band. There are multiple semi-conductors that are used in order to obtain the light, a layer of light-emitting phosphor is used as well.
May 24, 2024

Advantages of LED Light Bulbs

Earlier the LEDs were only used as indicator lamps, which replaced the small incandescent bulbs at that time. Now we can see many variations in LEDs around us, such as high-output white light LEDs that are best for outdoor purposes but people use it in living rooms as well. Now the LEDs come with new sensors and displays, while their switching rates are high and are useful for the purpose of advanced communications technology. No one can avoid the advantages of LEDs, as they are many as compared to the incandescent sources of light. One of the most common and appreciated advantages of LEDs is that they consume lower energy as compared to other light sources. This one features made the LED bulbs really famous and they are highly preferable by everyone. They are being used in the industries and in residential area the most, to save the energy. Another advantage due to which it is preferred over other light sources is the longer lifetime, they stay longer than other light sources which not only saves money but keeps you away from hassle. If you do not know already, there is a huge difference between a laser and LED and there are reasons due to which people prefer LED bulbs. In LED the color of light that is emitted from it is not coherent, it is not monochromatic as well. This is something laser has, in LED the spectrum is narrow according to the human vision, and is monochromatic in regards to the function.

In case you are willing to get the LEB bulb install in your home, then you should know all the advantages of LED lights and bulbs in details. Here is a list of advantages in detail that can make sure that LED is a good option for your residences and offices. The advantages are as follows:

Longer span of life

As we have mentioned above that LED has a longer span of life as compared to the lighting and bulb systems. This is one of the most important benefits of LED bulbs because this is exactly what a user demands, QUALITY.

There is no doubt that led in terms of use is has high efficiency and they can run for up to 11 years if you compare it with another energy providing lights. For example, if you take an energy saving lamp then the lifetime of the lamp is less than a year. Let’s say, the LED operates for 8 hours per day and it can last up to 20 years of service life and even after this; you will be thinking about replacing it.

The best part about installing the LED lights or bulbs is that you don’t have to worry about frequent switching on and off because this has no negative impact on the lifespan of the LED lights, while it has such impact if you are using any other type of lightning.

Work efficiency of LED lights

One of the reasons that people choose to install LED lights at home is because of its energy efficiency. It says a lot of energy because it is known for its energy consumption as compared to other light sources, metal date or Mercury lamps are not that capable of less consumption of energy. By this we can conclude that 80 percent of the energy that is supplied to the bulb is being converted in to the light, whereas the 20 percent is lost and is further converted in to the heat. On the other hand if we talk about the energy efficiency of the Incandescent lamp or bulbs then it’s at 5 to 10 percent level, means only that much of energy is being converted in to light.

LED bulbs are not affected much:

In case we compare the LEB bulbs with the other options available, then the traditional lightening is not resistant to temperature. The traditional bulbs fuses when you keep on switching it off and then switching it on frequently. The advantage of LED lights is that, these does not have any sort of filaments or elements of glass. These filaments and glass elements are a reason behind blows and bumps, because these are sensitive. In the manufacturing process of the LED lights, the materials such as aluminum, plastic or really high quality is being utilized. These materials are known for their durability and resistance to the various temperatures and vibrations.

Transferring the heat:

As we are comparing the LED lights with the traditional one, so here is the thing about LED lights they tend to generate less and smaller amount of heat because of their higher performance. This production of energy is mostly converted in to light, less is wasted. We can say that 90 percent of it converts in to light. This is beneficial because there are near to impossible chance of getting a burn from LED lighting source, when you get in to a direct contact with it.  Even if it keeps on working for a longer span of time, and in addition to that there are limited chances of it catching fire. This might happen in case of traditional lightening, because those have the tendency to heat up real quick and to several hundred degrees. Due to this, LED is most preferable and is favorable to be installed in the warehouse, residency and offices.

LED bulbs are Environment friendly:

Who does not like to install the products at home that are not any harm to the environment? One of the raved about benefits of LED bulbs is that they are environment friendly. LED bulbs do not have any materials that are dangerous to the environment such as metals or mercury that harms the surroundings. Another plus point is that they are 100 percent recyclable, unlike other lights. Recycling the LED bulbs are helpful in order to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions. We are not denying the fact that there are some chemical compounds which is phosphor, and this is responsible for the color of its light. But, you should know that these chemical compounds are not harmful to the environment. If you are one of those people that love nature, and want to protect the environment

Colorful life with LED bulbs:

As soon as the LED technology is launched, people started showing their interest in it because of the endless benefits it has to offer. They are not only affordable but in this technology any illumination light color can be obtained. There are some basic colors that are white, green, red and blue but in today’s world of technology you are able to get any color you wish for.

Due to the benefits that are mentioned in the list, these LED bulbs are being used in almost every sector of life. These are strong enough to be used as infrastructure lightning which means that they are being used in the streets or parks. It also being used in the architecture lightning of the buildings such as I offices, stadiums and bridges. Have you ever noticed that you can see the bridge lights from far away which are colorful and beautiful, those are LED lights. It is also proven that LED lights are useful as a primary source for light in the warehouses and is helpful in the production of plants. After evaluation of all the benefits let’s get in to further details about LED lights/bulbs and its usage in the house.

How to Choose LED Light Bulbs

LED Lights for Room

There are many things to consider while you have to install it in your area. You can install the LED bulbs in your house, office or industrial area but they would vary according to your need. One of the most important thing that you should be considering is going to be the light’s color. This will be expressed in Kelvins (K). Basically there are three categories or degrees of the color temperature that are as follows:

  • Warm white color 2800-3200K
  • Neutral white color 4000-4500K
  • Cold white color 5500-6500K

You have to keep in mind distinction because it is important in order to adjust the lightning according to your needs, as each of these colors are used for many different purposes. You can consider the lightning for your house work and industrial application and the needs can be different. Due to this reason it is suggested that you should look into the distinction of colors, because they make it easy for you to choose. Your satisfaction in the product is mandatory.

If we talk about the commonly used traditional light bulbs then they are normally in the color warm white, the warm white color 2800-3200K is somewhat similar to that.

You might already have an idea about this warm white tone that it gives you a yellow light which is ideal for the purpose of installing in household. this light is commonly used because it has a soothing effect not only in terms of presentation but on your mood as well, and it gives you a relax feeling and you feel comfortable in your house after you come back from work . This can be really good option for the people who like classic light bulbs and who are into colorless lights and they feel more comfortable in the yellow light. You are getting the same warm tone that a traditional bulb would provide you but it is more energy efficient and is affordable.

If we talk about the neutral white LED bulbs, in turn, are scientifically proven to be the greatest option for the purpose of installing in the public utility offices, small clinics and office or workplaces. It is unknown and proven fact that the more blue light our retina receives, there are less chances of the production of melatonin. It means that you do not have to worry about feeling sleepy, and you are better and efficient at your workplace.

If you are an industrialist and you want to install LED lightning for your warehouses and for the purpose of production halls then you should be concerned about the cold white LED lights because they are the ones that ideal to use as industrial lightning. Because of the fact that this color is characterized in comparison to the other two that were mentioned above by the largest numbers of lumens, which is a unit. Lumens (lm) is a unit that is used to describe the amount of light) per 1Watt (bath of these units describe the efficiency of the light source). It is evident that in the industrial areas you are supposed to use something that saves you money and energy and is not harmful to the environment. This one has a little blue tint to it, this is the reason that it is not used for household purposes.

You have to keep in mind that color temperature is not the only thing that you have to consider about the LED light blink, you are supposed to know about the other parameters to take the decision:

Efficacy should be considered:

You are supposed to keep on mind the number of lumens a bulb is going to produce, you can always ask an expert to help you out. The lumen’s number are considered in the context that how much a bulb produces for each watt that it is consuming? The higher the number of lumens is, the more the efficiency is going to be. For instance, you might have noticed products with an ENERGY STAR label that is because of their high efficacy, which means that they can deliver the same quality while utilizing less energy.

Do not forget to determine the Square foots of the area:

In case you are installing the LED lights in the room then you should be multiplying the length time the width of that room in order to get the square foot. For instance in case the room is around 10 feet in width and the length is the same too, then it is definitely 100 square feet.

Considering the foot candle:

 In case you have no idea about a foot candle, then it is how bright a light is one-foot away from the provided source. This means that the lightning depends on the room as well, but you obviously want your room lit. For instance, if you are installing it in a bathroom then you need more foot-candies as compared to when you are installing lights in the rooms.

So, this was all about how LED light bulbs work, usage, how to install them and their benefits as well.