When it comes to those things that you need to look out for when trying to buy a jigsaw, this only comes with experience and so this is the more reason why everyone needs to pay attention to this article, because it is based on the best experience of experts.


The core things to look out for

?              Speed Adjustment: many people consider this the most essential feature to look out for in a jigsaw. Some jigsaws come with the variable speed of 2500 strokes per minute. This is the major reason why this equipment is most suitable for woodwork alone. The speed rate of this machine would not allow it to be able to work fine with other materials. The truth is that such materials like metal or iron always require lesser speed when you want to cut them

?              Angle Setting: there are times when the project that you need to do would require that you make some angle cuts. This is the more reason why you need to look for a jigsaw that has the adjustable angle cut setting as part of its features. The major thing to look out for with angle settings is to make sure that the jigsaw that you would love to buy can bevel, and when you are looking for the bevel in the jigsaw, your best attempt would be to look out for a jigsaw that has two sides bevel. This would help to ensure accuracy when you cut.

?              Quick Blade Change: one other important thing to always check is the quick blade change feature of the jigsaw. It should be noted that most jigsaws comes with the tool less chuck. However, because of this tool less chuck, you can easily switch from one blade to another. In this category also, one other thing that you might need to look out for is the lever. Lever allows you to remove hold blades and fix a more convenient one. The reason why this is important is because if you keep using the blade the way that it is, it might end up getting damaged if not allowed to cool off. Another thing to make sure of is that the blade is switched, you make sure that the blade fits in appropriately, else it slides off during a cut.

?              Laser guide: when you asked a woodworker that has been working with jigsaws for years what it feels like to make use of a jigsaw with laser guide, you would most likely get a look that is irritating. The reason is because many woodworkers are not so used to this feature because it is a new addition to the jigsaw, and it replaces some of the old features of the traditional jigsaw. When you have a jigsaw that had the laser guide, it would help you to peruse the wood properly when you make a cut. This is an awesome feature that someone needs to look out for, especially if you are new to the whole act of woodworking. The reason is because it helps to make your cutting activity very easy.

Other features to look out for

?              Led Light: the led light might seem more like an unneeded feature, but it is twice as important as the laser guide is. This led light allows you to work in a poor illuminated place when working with woodworks and this is the more reason why you need to look out for this when choosing to buy a woodwork.

?              Dust Blower: this is one of the most essential part of the jigsaw that you need to check out for. The reason for this is not farfetched from the fact that it allows you to see the portion where you are cutting into, by blowing off the particles of dust from the line in which you are cutting. It helps to boost your own accuracy. Many people might think that all jigsaws have this feature and this is the more reason why you need to check your new jigsaw for this feature. It is not all jigsaws that have this awesome feature.

?              Vibration reduction: asides the D handle, one other thing that you might like to look out for is the vibration reduction feature. The truth is that while you make use of the jigsaw, you are bound to experience some kind of vibration which might not make your cut perfect, but when you have a jigsaw that reduces such vibration, your work becomes easier.

?              Trigger lock: one other thing to check out for is the trigger lock of your jigsaw. Not all jigsaws have this feature and this is the more reason why you need to check for it. The trigger lock helps you to maneuver your device when you keep cutting so that you operate at a speed rate that allows you to cut easily and perfectly.

The Best Jigsaw Brands

The features of a jigsaw are essential, but seeing that we have highlighted some of the best features to look out for in a standard feature, you might be fixed in a dilemma as regards what kind of jigsaw you might want to buy. The truth here is that there are many quality jigsaws in the market and this is why we have compounded a list of the best quality jigsaws that you might like to consider:

?              Dewalt Jigsaws: when you are new to the market of jigsaws, one name that you would most likely hear the most is the Dewalt jigsaw. They come in the variety of the corded and cordless jigsaws and their price ranges are very cost efficient. This is the more reason why you need to look out for them.

?              Makita: Makita is also a brand that you need to look out for, the reason for this is because they are known for creating jigsaws with new ideas in mind.