A gym is an important area that assist people to keep fit and healthy. Since all they offer us is more good than harm, it is also necessary for us to give back the goodness by taking care of them. By this, I mean taking care of gym floors as they are a good investment that ought to be maintained so that they last longer. Therefore, adapting a consistent maintenance program will prolong your flooring investment’s lifetime. As a matter of fact, there exist different types of gym floors. Despite the fact that traditional maple hard wood kind of gym floor is more expensive, it is preferred by most coaches and athletes for it tends to have more shock absorption as compared to the others. Vinyl as well as synthetic floors are less preferred even though they are less expensive to install. Below are measures that will help one know how to appropriately protect gym floors especially when it comes to the wooden kind.


  1. Using of floor covers wisely

Often, gyms in schools are used to hold more than one kind of activity. Some of those activities may include; holiday celebrations, dances, assemblies among others. This proves that there is great foot traffic that is involved here, right? To ensure that the gym floor does not get to suffer much pressure from the users, it is rightful that the entire gym floor gets covered up entirely with appropriate cover. Often, floor covers considered heavy duty are a good investment that will help to keep your floors in the appropriate shape.



  1. Selection of events with much caution

Most people fail to understand that the foundation of good floor management commence with proper scheduling of gym users. At different points of the year, different activities tend to be hell in the gym. Some of those activities include; musical events, sports practice, meetings for clubs and communities, varsity games, voting among others. Facility managers ought to be quick in selection of activities they should allow to take place in the gym. For example, they may support sporting events of various kinds. On the other hand, they may discourage meetings as this may require chairs to be placed on gym floor and it may be hazardous. Voting too should be discouraged too because voters come in all kinds of shoes ranging from those that are of rubber sole to high heel stilleto which may cause harm to the floor.

  1. Prepare ahead for restorative maintenance

Occasionally, taking up restorative maintenance on gym floors tends to not only demand some skills but also labour intensive. Also, specialized equipment are of great necessity for this process to be effectively carried out. Therefore, training people as well as assembling various tools for this purpose prior to the job being carried out is advisable. One could be wondering what this restorative maintenance is all about. Well, it is quite simple. One ought to collect all surface soils from gym floors. Discard of the current finish by use of an automatic scrubber should follow suit. Later on, at least three thin coats of a product precisely designed for gym floors should be used to refinish the floor. The product used for floor finishing is well designed so that it is able to resist wear as well as soiling. Also, safety is ensured as it provides resistance to slipping. Despite the fact that some gym finishes take below five minutes to dry up, others tend to dry beginning from the surface going downwards.


On the other hand, gym floors that go through long periods of heavy utility call for resurfacing. Notably, this process tend to be quite involving. Some of the phases that should be followed are outlined below.

  • Fixation as well restoring parts of the floor that are damaged.
  • Sand the floor at least thrice in different directions using ride-on sanding machine.
  • Ensure the gym floor is not only cleaned but also thoroughly vacuumed.
  • Carry out application of a finish or a sealant after staining the floor.


  1. Avoid insufficient cleaning on daily routines

Did you know that the more appropriate the daily cleaning routine is carried out, the less you shall require interim cleanings? Well then, now you know. Keeping in mind that restorative care and interim cleanings are not only time consuming but also costly, you will really ensure that those gym floors are well dusted or damp mopped to remove grit and dust. This will begin by selection of the best cleaning solution so that it eliminates tracked in soils as they may end up abrading and consequently darkening the floor. It is advisable that one acquires cleaners, finishes as well as sealants from a common manufacturer since they are designed to work handy to ensure that the cleaning and maintenance is effectively delivered.


  1. Organize extra cleaning schedules besides the normal routine

First and foremost, one should be equipped with an automatic scrubber for the purpose of carrying out interim cleanings. In addition, a cleaning solution with pH levels that are neutral in level as well as non abrasive pads are a necessity. Quite a number of manufacturing companies produce cleaners which tend to enhance floor traction. Also, those cleaners contain properties that help to add slip resistance. This two benefits conferred to the floor ensure that gym users are protected as they jump and run around. That way, unnecessary accidents may be avoided. Cleaning intervals might vary depending on how a gym operates. For instance, an interim cleaning program can be carried out after a major sports event has been held. This is mostly helpful to facility managers who’s intent is to keep the gym prepared for any sort of filming to be carried out. Alternatively, a floor that is always under use(let’s say on a daily basis) can be thoroughly scrubbed on an interval of at least two times a week. This helps to keep moisture, grit as well as sweat out of the floor.


  1. Setting up of rules

It is important to note that taking care of gym floors will begin from outsiders that benefit from using them. Therefore, creating spectator as well as users’ guidelines will be a great step for creation of any sort of awareness intended. Some of the rules may include:

  1. Restriction of any kind of beverages as well foods from being carried to the gym. Water may be allowed for members of staff or team players.
  2. Restraining unnecessary movement of spectators up and about gym floors.
  3. Allow coaches, team players as well as members of staff to use gym floors only with sneakers on.

To spread this awareness to as many people as possible, it is wise to deliver copies to all organizations that use gym floors. On the other hand, signs may be posted all around the gym. During games, announcements can be made via the public address system to let spectators know that they are restricted from passing up and about the gym floor. This will help people to calm their horses and do what is expected of them


  1. Monitoring floor conditions to check for damages

As we all know, prevention is always better than cure. With that said, prevention of severe damages can be enhanced by consistently checking up for cracks or any sign of damage. If noticed earlier cracking as well as concentrated wear and tear can be fixed at a lesser cost. Remember to be a little vigilant as it may help you take quick actions before things blow up and get out of hand. Save yourself from handling massive repairs of high costs that could have been avoided.


  1. Ensure appropriate indoor conditions are maintained

This measure is mostly applicable in cold seasons (say winter). As we all know, winter is associated with so much cold as well as low levels of humidity. Now this can result to gym wood floors shrinking or even cracking at times. While this may seem as though it is out of control, I would object and say that it is very much in your control. It is simple! Maintain the appropriate climate for the gym indoors. This could be ensuring the humidity level to range between thirty five and fifty percent. In the case of temperature, you can allow it to range between sixty and seventy degrees Celsius. Moderation of this two conditions will not only make the gym environment conducive but also ensure that the floor remains in a good condition hence maintained.


  1. Install protective cover

Undeniably, installation of the appropriate matting system will help a great way to keep debris off contact with the floor. A good matting system comprising of three types with each measuring at least five feet will do you more good than harm if placed at all entries to the gym. Irrespective of the fact that different manufacturing companies refer to those three kinds of mats with different kinds of terms, they all play a similar role. They include;

  • A wiper

This is placed on the inner area of the gym, that is on the gym floor. It’s significance is to ensure elimination of moisture as well as any remnant debris on shoes of gym users. By so doing the gym floor is kept from getting into contact with any kind of matter that may alter with the normal functionality it is meant for.

  • A wiper/scraper

It is installed directly inside the gym building meaning that it is what you get to find before getting to the wiper and next after going through the scraper. It’s main purpose is to carry on with the scraping process.

  • The scraper

It tends to be positioned directly outside the gym building. It is used to scrape off large debris from shoes of gym users before they gain access to the gym entrance.


A combination of the three matting systems ensure removal of almost if not all moisture as well as soil and mud on shoe bottoms of all that gain access to the gym. Isn’t keeping the gym floor clean and maintained our goal? Adapt this measure then!


Below is a proper guide to establishing proper gym floor covers.

There are basically two kinds of floor covers that one may install on gym floor to keep it protected. One of them happens to be made of huge sized tiles. They are more on the permanent installation side as they are long lasting. They tend to measure two inches by four inches and six millimeter thickness. Factually, tiles are manufactured from a solution dyed polypropylene. Also, they are made of a much durable matter that makes it easy to clean and difficult to stain. Tiles are kept flat by the polyolefin backing. This ensures that there are no tripping hazards.The flooring underneath is kept clean at all times due to the time coverage.


On the other hand, plastic cover rolls are a temporary option for covers. They usually measure ten feet width whereby one has to indicate the desired length. Often, they come in different colors including green, gray, blue as well as tan. Blue stands out and is chosen by majority of people. However, it proves difficult to prevent ripples as well as wrinkles from forming. Controlling them ought to be done as it may result to tripping hazards. Notably, taping seams around edges once the cover is installed helps to hold the cover in firm position. Also, after events are done, it is essential that one gets to sweep debris from the cover prior to placing them back on storage racks.


Save you extra costs and time

Protecting one’s facility investment practically is as helpful as it sounds. Protection begins with adapting a stable floor management program. In addition, following appropriate cleaning strategies are pillars of the management program. Various finishes as well as solutions for cleaning have been readily provided by manufacturers. Putting them to effective use will ensure that facility managers save on maintenance cost as well as time. Also, gym floors are always kept in a good condition and at their level best performance. Hurry! Get those floors worked on!