When it comes to the use of the saw, many people have the belief that it is just the experts that make use of the saw in the line of their duty that should know about them, but the truth is that the surface knowledge of the different kinds of saws makes one abreast of their usage and their recommendations. Many people would say that they are being exploited by the experts that work for them, but being familiar with equipment that are used when working for you helps to prevent excessive exploitation.

There are loads of saws in the current world that we live in, but while so many people are quite conversant with the use of saws to cut woods, there are not so many people asides those in the line, that understand that concretes also have their saws too. The name of the saw which is usually used for cutting concretes is called the walk-behind saw and this saw is also interchangeably known as the flat saw or floor saw. Another notable fact to note is that walk-behind saws also have the limited type of concretes that they cut, not the extremely hard ones. Amongst the many types of concretes include the green concrete, the cured concrete, the asphalt overload concrete amongst many others. However, there are different treatments of the saw blades when dealing with the varying types of concretes.

Unfortunately, so many people do not even know that different saws also have varying safety measures when dealing with them. The safety measures in place here is not for the user of such swords but rather for the purpose of ensure that the saw stands the test of time. The first thing that one needs to be mindful of when dealing with walk behind saws is that they need to always be checked before they are used on the type of concrete that one would like to cut. One must check that there is no rust or breakage with the blade of the saw before cutting the concrete.

When cutting concretes, make sure to use the specific diamond blade which is required to cut the particular concrete that you need to cut. There are different diamond blades that are required for different forms of concrete and it is also very important that when one is cutting a particular concrete, the water tank on the saw in with water in it. The major reason is because it is very important to have water rushing while you use your saw, so as to prevent some spoils on the tool while you make use of it.

Also, while you make use of your saw, it is appropriate to use some safety devices. For instance the safety boots, face gears and masks amongst others. The purpose of this is to avoid the infection that comes with dust and silica particles. Even more, one notable thing to note is that while you use your saw to cut your concretes, it is important that you do not mount excessive pressure over the saw while in use. The effect of this is such that it might affect the blade of the saw and then this means that you might need to incur additional cost.

The Green Concrete and the way to cut them using the floor saw

The notable thing to note about concretes generally is that the type of concrete that it is, would end up determining the size of the blade. As this relates to green concretes, it is worthy of mention to note that green concretes need to be cut twenty four hours after they are being poured. The reason why they are cut this way is because if they are not cut in time, they might end up cracking so bad and this might affect the eventual use of the concrete for the purpose in which you are cutting it. The best size for the blade that would be used in cutting the Green concrete is the size 12-14 blade size and the reason is because of the care that must be put in place when using the saw. One notable thing to take caution of with regards to green concrete is that they do not require so much energy, so one has to be very cautious while making use of the concrete saws on such kind of concretes.

The cutting of the cured concrete

When cutting through the cured concrete, you might need to be mindful of the speed of your action. Because cured concretes have to be cut deeply, you might need to make use of the blade that has the size 20 or more. You might also need to be very careful with the use of the blade of the saw and the reason is so that the life of the saw is not jeopardized.

The cutting of the asphalt overlaid concrete

When it comes to the asphalt concrete, one might need to be mindful of the coarse texture of the concrete and this is while one is cutting the concrete. This can be best done with a size 18 blade saw with several passes while you cut.


There are certain things to be mindful of when you cut concretes, and while one is enlightened about the fact that the floor saw cuts concretes, one should also be enlightened about the preventive devices that helps to counter infections while using the saw to cut the concrete. It must be noted that in the absence of the protective devices, it is very likely the user of the saw gets an infection. Also with respect to different types of concretes, there are different forms of diamond blades that should be used and different sizes of blades and this is very fundamental to the use of the saw.