Exhaust fans are common fixtures in bathrooms. Modern designs of houses are crafted to shield us from weather elements. This means they are airtight and very efficient in energy saving. This makes them and safe during extreme weather. But we often forget about certain aspects of the house that is vital for it to be considered healthy.

Coming from work, gym session or even yoga class leaves us with fatigue, and there is nothing more soothing as taking a warm bath. It can be, a deep in your bathtub or a calming your nerves by the warm sensation of your shower. During this time, there is formation of dense steam and heat in the bathroom.

According to the findings of Home Ventilation Institute, the steam and heat formation in the bathroom during a shower can match humidity of a tropical rain forest. It’s very uncomfortable and creates a breeding ground for, mold, mildew and other microbes that are harmful to our health.

Mold is very problematic in our bathroom. It thrives well in places with strict lighting, full of moisture and warmth. A bathroom with no ventilation matches the description perfectly. They thrive and spread through producing spores that proliferate on moist surfaces like wallboard, tiles, towel, and wood surfaces. Once they grow onto a surface, they leave dark stains that are permanent in some cases. That is a common feature of molds.

Other problems that arise with a lack of proper ventilation are the deterioration of joists around the bathroom. Also, things like paints begin to crack and peel off, erode fixtures, ruin warp cabinets and even gypsum wallboard.

Thus, installing a bathroom exhaust fan eliminates the dense moist and heat by sucking it outside. This effectively gets rid of the breeding ground of microbes, prevents degradation of your bathroom parts and removes bathroom smells.

The main role of the exhaust fans is the extraction of moist and stale air from your bathroom and depositing it out. Their design makes them out of sight and it’s only the grill that you see after installation.

If the noises form your bathroom fan deters you from having your serene comfort. Then consider replacing it with the latest versions. They are nearly silent and energy-efficient. Additionally, their installation is very easier.



Keeps your mirror clear:

As we take shower, moisture and heat build-up on our mirror surface. This is because the mirror surface is cool and acts as the condensation point. This can be annoying when you need a view of yourself. But with this fan, all the moisture and excess heat get eliminated leaving your mirror and wall free of vapor.

Removes contaminants:

All the bleaching chemicals and disinfectants we use to keep our bathroom spotlessly clean leaves behind residues after use. These residues are mostly in vapor or fume form, and inhalation might lead to respiratory health issues. Thus this device works best in keeping the air fresh all the time.

Also, the growth of microbes like mold and mildew is accompanied by spore production. This spores can cause allergies, therefore you need this device to keep your bathroom air clean. This will, in turn, prevent the microbe spread and slow their rate of growth.

Cuts down humidity

Maintenance of your bathroom begins by reducing the humidity in the air. As we all know by now, excess moisture has an erosive property. It can cause paint peels and cracks, erode wall fixtures and even destroy your wallpaper. And the worst of all, the moisture support fungi growth. Fungi can spores grow and leave stains behind which are hard to clear.

Removes odor

Accumulation of still air in the bathroom over time builds up an odor which is very unpleasant. Therefore, you need to keep air circulation and removing accumulated scents. This can be done best by these devices. They will remove still air and leave your bathroom fresh all time.



  • Ceiling Exhaust Fans

From the name, it’s a fan which is designed for installation on the ceiling. They operate by drawing air in from below and expelling it upwards. The drawn air is drained outside or within the ceiling depending on the fan design.

Among the methods of room ventilation, this is the most popular type. They are available at the market at various sizes and designs. Therefore when you opt to get one, first, be certain of your bathroom size. Getting a small size fan means it will be less effective and a loss of investment. Getting a larger one on the other end, you will lack a surface for installation.

Secondly, is the installation new or a replacement of the old fan? If by any chance you are replacing the old fan, you need to uninstall it first and measure the size of the hole. For a new installation, you need to find the right surface for installation.

Thirdly, will you duct the fan? Most of the modern fan installations exhaust outside. But if your ceiling cavity has proper ventilation, you can vent your fan into the roof. And in case you choose to duct outside, ensure the duct is shorter in length and direct as much as possible.

  • Wall Exhaust Fans

As the name states, their design is specific for wall installation. They come in handy when you have limited or no room on your ceiling to install the Ceiling fan. The wall fans are available in various designs. This includes those that are installed within the room or outside the room wall. This applies the same with the fan capacity. They are those which are effective in larger bathrooms and those which serve best in smaller ones.

A typical design of wall fan comprises of the motor components that you install inside the room and a duct that exists to external ventilation.  If you are thinking of replacing the old fan, uninstall it first, measure the surface area it covers on the wall and the depth.

But if it’s a new installation, you have to ensure the fan will fit well in the depth of your wall. During installation, you will have to make a hole with the right depth and surface area. Make sure you make the right measurements before digging out the hole. This will save you from refilling the hole if it’s too big.

  • Inline Exhaust Fan

An inline exhaust fan is designed for installation within the ceiling cavity. Their mounting is done in between the duct length. They come in handy when you have a limited ceiling space. Also, if you need close to a silent fan, they are best, as all the noise is greatly reduced by the ceiling cavity. Under this type of fans, there are several subtypes of its model. Some of them include:

Centrifugal motors: they are suitable for installing in ducts that are longer. Also, they are handy where there are bends or branches on the duct. They have more power and performance when working against pressure. Thus they have best performance on longer ducts with intense pressure.

Axial motors: they come with a single propeller. Thus, they are best applicable in shorter ducts with low pressure. Also, their ducts should be direct with no branches and minimum bends.

Maxflow motors: from the name, these motors have combination of centrifugal and axial design. They portray centrifugal features when they are 150mm and above in size. But they exhibit the axial features when they are 150mm and below in size. They perform well with long ducts that have branches and bends.

For the user convenience, each category of the inline fan motors comes with specific pressure curve, specs, and dimensions. This helps the user in determining the right type to choose

  • Windows Exhaust Fans

These type of fans come in handy in bathrooms with limited roof space and no place for installing a fan. Apart from the bathroom, they are applicable in any section of the house in need of ventilation. The window fan design comes as a sandwich. It has two sections which sandwich together through a hole drilled in the glass.

Through installing this fan, you get to have a weather seal and direct venting to the outside. During purchase, it’s crucial to be certain about the window hole that the fan will need. if you are replacing an old installation, uninstall the old fan first then measure the hole diameter. You can use this diameter to select the new version. But if it’s a new installation, you will need a glazier to cut out the hole.


What to consider when choosing Bathroom Exhaust Fan

  • Fan capacity

You must fats consider is the capacity of the fan will be powerful enough to handle your bathroom size. The capacity of the fan measuring unit is cubic feet per minute (CFM). Therefore, fans with larger CFM cost more than those with smaller CFM. Therefore, to ensure effectiveness in cleansing of your bathroom atmosphere, you will need fan with CFM that coincides with your bathroom size. For example, if your bathroom is 90 square feet, a 60 CFM will not be effective, but instead a 100CFM or higher fan will be the best choice.

  • Installation place

Before opting for one, it’s imperative to consider the surface of installation. You have to be certain it will fit perfectly. In this case, you get choose whether to opt for a ceiling fan, window, inline or mix flow fan.

  • Fan size

The fans are available in various sizes, ranging from small units that occupy less space to larger units that need large surface and depth. Therefore, examine the surface of installation and decide on which size will fit well.

  • Color

Apart from functional purpose, they are great tools for interior décor. You can either opt for an outstanding color pattern or make the fan silent by opting for a color that matches the background of installation surface.

  • Noise

If you cannot be bothered by the fan noise, then you can go any design. But if you are sensitive to sound, then you can go for the silent designs. To make it convenient for you, the fans have measurements on the sound production. If you need silence, get a 1.5 sones fan and below. Fans that have 3 to 4 are a bit noisy.

  • Extra features

These features are optional but they can come in handy in giving you a more thrilling experience. Some of the fans have heat and humidity sensors that keep track of your bathroom atmosphere. Others have motion sensors and led lighting and some have settings for adjusting the fan performance.


Care and maintenance

For the best performance of the fan, you need to carry out time to time care and maintenances practices. This mainly involves cleaning the device. Dirt is a major factor that affects device performance. Allowing too much accumulation can cause a short circuit.

How do you know it’s time to clean the device?

You can carry out a quick test to be certain it’s time to clean your fan. Begin by checking your mirror after taking a shower. If there is too much vapor than usual then something must be wrong. To confirm your suspicion, take a piece of toilet paper and hold it close to the fan if it’s being sucked then your fan may be ok. And if the paper is not getting sucked you need to clean your fan.

How do you clean the fan?

  • Turn off the circuit breaker that supplies power to the fan
  • Open the outer cover of the fan
  • Clean the fan cover thoroughly in water with cleaning detergent.
  • Alternatively, if you are unable to remove the cover, use a vacuum cleaner
  • After detaching the cover, you can uninstall the motor for thorough cleaning on the ground or you can use a damp cloth to wipe it clean from the place of installation.
  • Clean the motor blade and the surrounding vent and then allow it to dry out. Then you can later replace the vent cover.
  • Then turn on the power and enjoy a more efficient and clean device performance.


For a healthy bathroom, you need to have exhaust fans. It will ensure you get the perfect atmosphere which is free from harmful microbes and substances. During purchase, ensure you do a careful selection and pick the proper fan. The guide above will ensure you never go wrong in your choice. Last but not least, the performance of your device is only certain when you also do maintenance and cleaning on it like any other part of your house.