5 Best Circular Saws in the Philippines

Are you looking for circular saws in the Philippines? Check out these 5 best circular saws to cut wood, plastic, metals, tiles, bricks, or concrete.

Many people who are not woodworkers but would like to do some of their home wood works by themselves feel comfortable making use of other kinds of saws, with the exception of the circular saw and the reason for this is simply believe that other kinds of saws are more effective than the circular saw. The truth is that when you understand how the saw works, you would know that the circular saw is twice as effective as the other saws that you make use of.

The Downside of Circular Saws

One might begin to wonder why it is that people do not make use of the circular saw, especially if they are nor professional woodworkers. The reason for this is not farfetched from the fact that the circular saw is a portable kind of saw, but is quite powerful and a noisy breed of saw that can end up injuring the user if he or she doesn’t know how to make use of the saw.

Safety Tips When Using Circular Saws

Aside from following proper construction guidelines, here are some safety tips that would help you when using circular saws.

Ensure that You Inspect the Saw

When you want to make use of the circular saw, it is necessary that you make use of the saw after you must have inspected it enough to make sure that it is in a safe condition of usage. When you inspect, be sure to check the blades as this is about the most affected part of the saw, the reason for this is because of the usage of the saw. If you notice any crack in the blade, try as much as possible to handle the fault that it has before you make use of it. Also, try as much as possible to make sure that the blade is in the kind of condition that allows it to move, just the way that it needs to.

When making use of the circular saw, there are two things to bear in mind and they are that there are two kinds of circular saws. The first is the cordless saw, this saw makes use of battery; the second is the corded circular saw that makes use of electric cords. In either case, if you need to inspect, make sure of it that you remove the cord from the electric circuit or the battery before you go ahead to inspect or fix the problems that the saw might have.

Check the Blade

It should be noted that the most perused aspect of the circular saw is the blade region. Obviously, the speed and the quality of the output when you cut any kind of wood, depends largely on the quality of the blade. Therefore, It is advisable that when you want to have the best cut, do not cut with the rusty or dull kind of blades. The carbide tipped combination blade is always the best bet for you, especially if you are the kind of person that loves to frequent the cross cut or rip cuts on plywood and solid woods. Circular saws are not just any kind of saws. In the final analysis, if they are used rightly, they could cut through any kind of metal, any kind of wood and any kind of bricks, this is why you need to make sure that their blades are fixed into the right proportion when they are used for cutting.

Find the Correct Saw Position

There is typically no rocket science with cutting concrete or any kind of wood, what matters the most is that when you cut, you make sure that you cut until you get to the larger part of the wood that doesn’t fall off. In reality, If this is done, every side of the saw would be fully supported and you wouldn’t need to start fixing up the broken sides from time to time.

Make Easy and Accurate Crosscuts

Generally, when you want to cut with your saw into a cross cut, what matters the most is how you guide your saw with the right layout that makes the square cut work.

Prevent Binding

When you are cutting, it is very important that you make sure that your cutting style forbids kickbacks, especially those that can occur when the blade gets pinched in a cut.

Make Precise Rip Cuts

When you see the circular saw, you would realize that this power tool comes with the apt rip guide for support, when you want to cut at a pace of 6 in or 8 in, you might like to cut along the parallel rip cut which is shorter and faster, this is as opposed to crosscuts that are meant for longer cuts.

Avoid Splintering

When it comes to cutting your wood, you need to make sure that you try as much as possible to avoid splintering, especially those that occur on the top surface of what it is that you are cutting. The best bet to avoid this is that when you are cutting, you try as much as possible to make sure that you have the plywood face towards the downward position, that way even if the splintering would occur, it would not be on the surface of the wood, but rather at the back side of the wood. In fact, the simple trick is that you place the best side of the wood downwards, so it doesn’t get affected by your sawing activities.

Clamp Same Shaped Wood Together

When you need to cut a set of wood into the same shape. The best bet for you would be to fuse the wood together, make sure that they have the same length, then clamp it together. While this is done, make sure that you increase the cut rate of your blade to the maximum cut then cut at the sides where you need to cut.